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 About the author

My favorite subject is nature and most of the photos on this site are related to this theme.
However, this site contains some images of architecture, scenes of life and sometimes man makes even his appearance.
Other areas of interest to me are astronomy, cloudscapes, infrared, architecture, abstract, animals.
These various themes are still topics of reflection for me.
My experiments in these domains are not yet mature enough and do not necessarily integrating first in this website are or will be subject to other websites unrelated to the moment to this one.
By the time I will linked others peripherals websites.

 About the equipement

Over the years I have worked with several manufacturers cameras. There was first Minolta at the time of the analog photography, Canon allowed me to make my first steps into digital photography then Nikon today.

Minolta period (Analog Photography)

 I was using a Minolta 9000 camera and by the end I switched to a Minolta Dynax 7.

Lenses were:
Minolta AF 20mmf/2.8
Minolta AF 28mmf/2.8
Minolta AF 35mmf/2
Minolta AF 50mmf/1.7
Minolta AF 100mmf/2.8 Macro
Minolta AF 135mmf/2.8
Minolta AF 80/200mmf/2.8 APO

These photos were done with films Fujichrome Velvia and Provia.
Slides were then scanned with Nikon Coolscan IV or Coolscan V.

Canon period (Digital photography)

 Camera used was Canon EOS 5D.

Lenses were:
Canon EF 24/70mmf/2.8 L
Canon EF 70/200mmf/2.8 L

Nikon period (Digital photography)

 Today my camera is Nikon D700.

Lenses are:
Zeiss Distagon 21mmf/2.8 ZF2
Zeiss Distagon 35mmf/2 ZF2
Nikon AF-S 70/200mmf/2.8 II
Nikon AF-S TeleconverterTC - 20E III

Note about pictures names

 Each image on this site has a name whose first letter can be used to identify the family of equipment used for shooting.
Names beginning with A match Analog (Minolta), those beginning with a C to Canon and N ones to Nikon.

 About the site

This page was written entirely by my care without CMS or development tools in order to learn the different languages of the web.
I just used notepad++ An excellent freeware text editor
I wish to thank the team of for their courses and advice of all kinds
This is my first site, so I ask you to apologize in advance for any small inconvenience

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